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The Current Climate for ADIs

Over the last few years, many driving schools have been cashing in on the high demand in people wishing to become a driving instructor. Unfortunately, many of these driving schools operate a business model that is unsustainable and is about recruiting as many driving instructors as possible. These driving schools typically have little regard to the amount of work or support they offer their driving instructors and no forethought is given to the long term financial implications and distress this may cause driving instructors.

To underline the scale of the problem, recent statistics released by the DSA in 2011 show that if you were to distribute the number of people who took lessons in 2010 evenly between every UK driving instructor on the Instructors register, there would be a total of 13.5 pupils per instructor per year, quite simply not enough to make a sustainable living.

A key symptom that now exists is the increasing use of franchise agreements based on a one way contract; a contract where the driving instructor provides a written agreement to pay a franchise fee, but where the driving school only provides at best a verbal promise of work in return. The result is often disappointment, a lack of work, and increasing financial distress caused by legal contractual obligations placed on the instructor to make franchise payments despite not receiving any pupils.

Good driving schools which operate with integrity still exist in the market place. At eDrivingSchool, we offer driving instructors excellent customer service and a two way contract; where you are valued over and above the maximisation of income fees.

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